Season 12

  • Episode 1. Locum

    Benson and Stabler are torn between suspects when they are called to the home of a missing 10-year-old girl by her adoptive parents.

  • Episode 2. Bullseye

    A rape is so brutal it leaves the victim unable to recall her own name. The detectives soon find she's not the only one with memory loss.

  • Episode 3. Behave

    Benson and Stabler find their hands tied when a victim of multiple rapes refuses the rape kit. Guest starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  • Episode 4. Merchandise

    After Dr Warner rules it was a homicide, Benson and Stabler investigate the death of a teenage girl involved in a hit-and-run accident.

  • Episode 5. Wet

    When a woman is found dead in a fountain, Benson and Stabler have a hard time putting together a clear picture of the victim's demise.

  • Episode 7. Trophy

    When a woman is found raped and murdered near an industrial facility, the ensuing case is made more complex when more victims are found.

  • Episode 8. Penetration

    Benson and Stabler join an undercover mission when investigating the rape of a fellow agent who refuses to cooperate with investigators.

  • Episode 9. Gray

    Stabler participates in a 'Take Back the Night' rally, but the evening is marred when a student claims to have been raped.

  • Episode 10. Rescue

    While investigating the case of a paramedic suspected of murder, Olivia finds out that Vivian from her serial rapist case is still in town.