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Cold Case Season 7

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  • The Crossing

    Episode 1

    The Crossing

    EpisodesIn the seventh season premiere, the trial against the military academy official who tried to harm Rush begins. DANIEL BALDWIN and JONATHAN LaPAGLIA guest star.

  • Jurisprudence

    Episode 3


    EpisodesValens has ties to a teen whose 2004 murder in a juvenile detention center is being investigated by the team. Lilly reconnects with former love Eddie Saccardo (BOBBY CANNAVALE).

  • Soul

    Episode 4


    EpisodesThe team reopens the 1970 murder case of a young musician (WESLEY JONATHAN - What I Like About You) who was secretly instrumental in creating the Philadelphia soul sound.

  • Wasp

    Episode 5


    EpisodesThe team looks into the 1944 murder of the top pilot of the civilian WWII Women Air Force Service Pilots. DANIEL BALDWIN, JOHN ANISTON, DEANNA DUNAGAN, MICHAEL LEARNED guest star.

  • Dead Heat

    Episode 6

    Dead Heat

    EpisodesThe team investigates the murder of an accomplished Mexican-born jockey who went missing in 1986. The music of SANTANA will be featured exclusively throughout the episode.

  • Read Between The Lines

    Episode 7

    Read Between The Lines

    EpisodesThe team explores the 1991 murder of a 14-year-foster child just starting to break through as a gifted rapper. KADEEM HARDISON, CRAIG "muMs" GRANT and BOBBY CANNAVALE guest star.

  • Chinatown

    Episode 8


    EpisodesThe team reopens Stillman's 1983 case of a Chinese American teen who was murdered three months after his girlfriend was killed by Chinese gang members.

  • Forensics

    Episode 9


    EpisodesNew evidence prompts the team to believe that foul play-- not suicide-- was involved in the 1999 death of a high school debate team champion. REED DIAMOND guest stars.

  • Iced

    Episode 10


    EpisodesThe team tries to find who murdered a minor league ice hockey player on the night that the U.S. team beat the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympics. BOB SEGER songs play exclusively.

  • The Good Soldier

    Episode 11

    The Good Soldier

    EpisodesThe team opens the case of an army recruiter killed two days before his scheduled deployment to Iraq. Emmy winner and Oscar and Golden Globe nominee MARE WINNINGHAM guest stars.

  • The Runaway Bunny

    Episode 12

    The Runaway Bunny

    EpisodesSuspects abound in the 1974 murder case of a private investigator. Former NFL player MATTHEW WILLIG guest stars as the former P.I.'s "muscle" sidekick.

  • Bombers

    Episode 13


    EpisodesWhile investigating the death of a tagger, Rush, Valens and Miller each deal with vexing personal issues. Emmy® winner Michael Badalucco (The Practice) guest stars.

  • Metamorphosis

    Episode 14


    EpisodesThe team investigates the 1971 death of a teenage circus performer whose fall may not have been accidental. Music from THE DOORS will play exclusively throughout the episode.

  • Two Weddings

    Episode 15

    Two Weddings

    EpisodesThe team passes the time at a work acquaintance's wedding by investigating if the bride was responsible for her previous fiance's unsolved 2008 murder. Rachel Miner guest stars.

  • One Fall

    Episode 16

    One Fall

    EpisodesThe team reopens the 1986 case of a dock worker moonlighting as a wrestler who was shot. RODDY PIPER (WWF, WrestleMania) and JAY THOMAS (Murphy Brown) guest star.

  • Flashover

    Episode 17


    EpisodesWhen Vera goes missing, the team hopes one of his old arson cases might offer a lead to his whereabouts. Songs by the iconic rock group PINK FLOYD will be featured exclusively.

  • Bullet

    Episode 19


    EpisodesThe team partners with the FBI to apprehend a serial killer before he shoots his next victims, in the conclusion of this two-part episode. SUSANNA THOMPSON guest stars.

  • Free Love

    Episode 20

    Free Love

    EpisodesFeelings develop between Rush and FBI agent Ryan Cavanaugh (JOHNNY MESSNER) as they work on the unsolved case of a U.S. soldier murdered at Woodstock between tours in Vietnam.

  • Almost Paradise

    Episode 21

    Almost Paradise

    EpisodesIn part one of this two-part episode, Rush tries to ignore her father's appeals to give her troublemaker sister, Christina (NICKI AYCOX - Dark Blue), another chance.

  • Shattered

    Episode 22


    EpisodesMusic of the Rolling Stones plays exclusively in the seventh season finale, as Valens joins forces with Rush to find her abducted drug-addicted sister, Christina (NICKI AYCOX).

Episode 1

The Crossing

EpisodesIn the seventh season premiere, the trial against the military academy official who tried to harm Rush begins. DANIEL BALDWIN and JONATHAN LaPAGLIA guest star.

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