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Meet Lorraine | 100% Character Uncovered

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What does it take to face your fears?

Lorraine Galvin was inspired to become a Lifeboat crew member after she capsized at sea in an area with no rescue services when she was just 16 years old. She and 5 others on the boat thought they were going to drown that night, but luckily they were rescued by a fisherman who just happened to be going in with his catch.


From that experience she was driven to face her fear and now devotes her time to rescuing other people from being in that same situation.

Being at the helm and going out to rescue somebody is what gives her strength. She has a sense of responsibility to help others – life knocked her back, but Lorraine wanted to take control of the situation and find a way to turn that experience in to a positive.

As well as volunteering for the RNLI, Lorraine is a devoted mum and full time lecturer. She risks her life saving others, but has never thought twice about this being her calling.

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