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Meet Jamie | 100% Character Uncovered

Universal Channel is shining a light on people from around the UK and Ireland who inspire others through their determination and extraordinary character. These rare individuals have the spark to dream big, matched with a steely resolve to pursue that dream with unwavering commitment. They are authentic, talented and 100% character.


What does it refuse to accept your own limitations?

After suffering from a rare form of cancer that claimed his left leg, Jamie Tregaskiss never gave up on his dream of playing football.

He was 10 years old when Manchester City scouted him as a promising football talent, but then three years later he was diagnosed with cancer and his life changed. He was faced with the decision of losing his leg or losing his life...

He never let the fear of having lost his leg and losing his dream settle in. His mother heard about amputee football soon after coming out of hospital, and Jamie decided to give it a go. Learning how to play again with one leg was difficult but he pushed past it and continued training.

At 17, Jamie can proudly tell people that he plays for Man City, and well as his country, proving to everyone that your limitations only live in your minds.

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