Psych's James Roday directs his own stage play - 'Greedy'

Posted by : Universal Channel

Actor James Roday is best known for his role as eagle eyed detective Shawn Spencer on Universal Channel's Psych, but he has recently turned his hand to theatre directing.

Along with Brad Raider - the two went to New York University together - Roday has set-up theatre group Red Dog Squadron. Greedy is the group's second play and tells a darkly comedic tale of marriage and black market babies. Being the director of the play Roday has found a role for his Psych co-star and real life girlfriend Maggie Lawson (Juliet O'Hara). In a recent interview with the LA Times Roday said of Lawson's casting "The same rules apply for Maggie here as for me: Greedy is an opportunity to do something very different than Psych."

When asked about the difference between the theatre in New York and in Los Angeles he said "In New York, you can see four bad shows in a row and you don't hold it against the community. Here, you see two bad shows in a row and you won't go again until someone you know is in a play."

For those of you heading across the pond anytime in January, Greedy is being staged at the El Centro theatre in Los Angeles throughout the month. The rest of us can continue to catch the UK premiere of Psych series 4 every Tuesday night at 10pm on Universal Channel.


Hope he is better at this than he is in Psych,i just can,t work out if its a comedy or serious detective series but it doesn,t work on either plane,not for adults at least,totally juvenile