The Fairly Legal Ruby Slippers Award – Episode 5

Posted by : Emily Jayne

Ok, so it was fairly difficult to concentrate on the clothing of our beloved Kate and the Wicked Witch this week due to the almost overwhelming amount of man-flesh on display. Never fear fashion fans, aided with the ‘rewind’ feature I was able to persevere, and present to you the latest edition of the Ruby Slippers.

The Evidence – Kate

Outfit the First
Justin’s shirt, socks, I heart San Francisco knickers.

Have to say that I’m a fan of Kate in Justin’s shirt, mostly because it means that Justin isn’t wearing it.

Outfit the Second
Black sleeveless, square neck top, waist belt, fushia and black print pencil skirt, peep toe block heels, chunky ring, jacket with rolled sleeves, unseen pendent necklace.

Yay! It’s Fun Kate! I adore the splashy floral print skirt, teamed with the fun accessories. Unfortunately we don’t get to see what the actual pendent is on her necklace as it spends its time dwelling down the front of her top. I’d also like to point out yet another pair of sensible heels. I’m actually quite starting to miss the giant platform heels of earlier in the series. Really like this outfit.

Outfit the Third
Black sleeveless top with white/grey trim, pencil skirt, belt, grey peep toe shoes

And Dull Kate’s back. <sigh>

Outfit the Fourth
Cone heeled shoes, crackle print flippy skirted dress, red belt, tuxedo style jacket.

Hurrah for Fun Kate! I’m seriously beginning to wonder whether I should be checking for behaviour differences in these two Kates, is Dull Kate on some sort of evil mission? Wait, if the first outfit of the show was Fun Kate, does that mean that it was Dull Kate who woke up in Justin’s apartment? This needs more investigation. Anyway, the outfit? LOVE IT. I have spoken before of my love of Kate in a twirly flippy skirt, the red belt gives this a much needed pop of colour, and the tuxedo style jacket just adds to the quirky goodness.

The Evidence – Lauren

Outfit the First
Suit with asymmetric fastening jacket and pencil skirt.

Maybe it’s just the geek in me, but there’s something about that jacket that reminds me of Star Trek dress uniform. Not in a good way.

Outfit the Second
Grey high-neck knitted dress with self-stripe, oversize silver chain necklace and matching ear rings.

Loose hair alert! Lauren’s all flustered over the elusive Mr Smith and Teddy’s will, and of course, as usual, this is expressed through a loss of control over her hair (to be continued with Outfit the Third’s hair style). I do always love to see out favourite ice queen in icy grey though, and as usual she pulls this off with aplomb.

Outfit the Third
Navy mac with gold buttons.

We don’t really get to see a lot of this outfit, but I thought if Justin’s shirt counts as an outfit for Kate, this really has to count as an outfit for Lauren, especially as it’s a very nice coat. What’s most worrying is the positively crazy wavy loose ponytail; poor Lauren, she must be hurting.

The Verdict

The Ruby Slippers go to… Kate!

Kate wins this week for Outfit the Fourth, quirky office-ready fashion at its best.

Special ‘Men’tion this week goes to Richard for his collection of colourful blazers. Dapper.

Fairly Legal continues every Sunday at 8pm.