The Fairly Legal Ruby Slippers Award – Episode 4

Posted by : Emily Jayne

Time for another, mildly delayed by the succession of bank holidays, edition of the Ruby Slippers! Episode 4 had a very timely BBQ theme, not that this, of course, altered our favourite ladies’ devotion to fashion.

The Evidence - Kate

Outfit the First
Flippy skirted stripe dress, denim shirt, coin necklace, lilac plimsoles

Oh I do like Kate in a flippy skirt, just adorable. I also enjoy the fact that this is the second time we’ve seen her in a nautical themed outfit whilst on her boat (after the Captain Birdseye jumper in Episode 1). She definitely has the figure to pull off the horizontal stripes, and also I think it’s important to point out the fact that she has her hair pulled back in a plait rather than her usual bouncy mane style, and it just adds to how adorable this outfit is. Something a little off about the denim shirt maybe, and of course her footwear choice is limited by being on deck.

Outfit the Second
Black sleeveless belted dress, grey low heeled shoes, coloured bracelets, nude cross body bag, yellow print pinny

Kate’s doing her usual alternating of a fun outfit with a boring one here, although it is slightly perked up by her jazzy yellow apron. In continuation of my theory that there are actually two Kates, perhaps this is evil Kate attempting to look a little more like her fun doppelganger.

Outfit the Third
Cropped trousers, black mac, purple sleeveless gathered top, coin necklace

Anyone else spot the continuity error here? Either that or Kate had a quick change from outfit the second into this for her chat with Justin, changed her mind and changed back again, and then changed back again the next day. Of course this would be madness, and the much more believable theory is that there are TWO KATES, and that whilst Dull Kate dealt with Big Bo, Fun Kate was chatting with her (almost) ex.

Ahem, wardrobe-based conspiracy theories aside, this is a fun outfit; the 7/8th length trousers add a cute edge, and as I’ve said before I love the re-use of key accessories from the wardrobe like the coin necklace.

The Evidence – Lauren

Outfit the First
Raspberry pencil dress

Go Lauren! This colour is amazing on her cool blonde colouring and she looks hot, hot, hot! I’m also impressed with the effort that she’s made with her ensemble for going into work on a Sunday, as I seem to remember that when I had a ‘proper job’ Sunday office attire was more along the lines of jeans and a t  shirt, mostly due to being blinded by resentment when looking into my wardrobe that morning. Of course, Lauren probably wears a shift dress to clean the bathroom. In fact, she probably sleeps in one.

Outfit the Second
Bandage dress, statement necklace

Oh Lauren, a simple check to make when selecting a dress for work – would the Kardashians wear it to the opening of an envelope? If yes, put it back. Also the giant necklace is just overwhelming on your frame. A rare miss from Lauren.

Outfit the Third
Puff-sleeve suit with gathered skirt, silver and pearl necklace, sky-high peep toes, over size black bag

Now that is a suit! Completely redeeming herself from outfit the second this is a fierce look. A nice departure from the parade of pencil dresses, this suit fits like a glove and is effortlessly edgy-cool. Also I completely refuse to believe that Lauren was that drunk her hair remained under control at all times, and every girl knows that at the first sign of inebriation those shoes would have come off and swiftly been deposited in that oversize bag.

The Verdict

The Ruby Slippers go to… Lauren!

Lauren wins for Outfit the Third, I’m completely in love with that edgy skirt-suit look.

Special ‘Men’tion this week goes to Fake Bo/Bobby for his crazy western shirt. Prancing Bison!

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