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  1. 19 Dec 14

    Christmas On Universal

    Posted by Syfy_Admin2 

    in NCIS, CSI: Miami, Law & Order: SVU

    Spend this Christmas with the boys and girls in blue!

  2. 1 Dec 14

    #WhoKilledSam? The Suspects

    Posted by Syfy_Admin2 

    in How To Get Away With Murder

    After weeks of cliffhangers, the question on all our minds is #WhoKilledSam?!

  3. 15 Oct 14

    The A-PUG-OLYPSE is here!

    Posted by Syfy_Admin2 

    in Sleepy Hollow Season 2

    To celebrate the launch of the second season of #SleepyHollowUK, we sent four horseman of the apugolypse around to see some of our friends in London...

  4. 2 Oct 14

    Sleepy Hollow Returns for Season 2: Find Out More...

    Posted by Syfy_Admin2 

    in Sleepy Hollow Season 2

    Ichabod Crane is back for another season. With Sheriff Mills, Crane continues to smash the evil entities that haunt the little town of Sleepy Hollow. The first season left Ichabod tied up in a wooden casket after Henry Parrish’s shock revelation. We finally get to see if Ichabod escapes, and what has become of Katrina – who was taken away by the Horseman of Death.

  5. 29 Sep 14

    How To Get Away With Murder Launches in the States

    Posted by Syfy_Admin2 

    in How To Get Away With Murder

    Following the runaway success of both Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, Shonda Rhimes' latest offering sets Viola Davis (Oscar and Golden Globe nominee) as the lead in an intriguing drama series that centres on a law professor who gets entangled in a murder conspiracy with some of her students.

  6. 21 Jul 14

    Graceland Season 1 Box Set available now on Sky and Virgin Media On Demand

    Posted by Syfy_Admin2 

    in Graceland

    With Season 2 of Graceland fast approaching, Season 1 is now available to eligible Sky and Virgin Media customers as On Demand Box Sets.

  7. 15 Nov 13

    Bates Motel season 1 DVD release

    Bates Motel Season 1 UK DVD release date

    Posted by Universal_Admin 

    in Bates Motel

    Catch up on the chilling modern day reboot of Psycho, as Bates Motel season 1 comes to Blu-ray and DVD on February 3rd.

  8. 16 Apr 13

    Universal Channel Checks Into Bates Motel This Autumn

    Posted by Site Editor 

    in News, Bates Motel

    Universal Channel is delighted to have secured the UK premiere of Bates Motel

  9. 8 Feb 13

    Major Crimes - Coming Soon

    Posted by Web Editor 

    in News, Major Crimes

    Universal Channel has acquired exclusive UK television rights to the record-breaking new hit US crime drama Major Crimes.

  10. 4 Sep 12

    Sad News - Michael Clarke Duncan

    Posted by Web Editor 


    We are saddened to hear of the death of Michael Clarke Duncan, who passed away on September 3rd in Los Angeles.