Benson's Best Results

She’s tough and she’s dedicated and because she’s also your favourite SVU detective we’re devoting the August Bank Holiday Weekend (25 – 27th August) to Olivia Benson.

We asked Mariska Hargitay, the leading actress whose portrayal of Detective Olivia Benson has earned her multiple awards and nominations, to handpick her favourite Benson episodes, and you have ben voting in your thousands to select your Benson’s Best.
We’ll play all 10 in descending order over the August Bank Holiday Weekend, culminating with the episode with the most votes – your Benson’s Best - on Monday 27th August.
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Did you miss the weekend? Here's the top 10, in descending order, as voted for by you.

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10. Escape

9. Trophy

8. Florida

7. Wrath

6. Hunting Ground

5. Behave

4. Zebras

3. Fault

2. 911

1. Undercover